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On the Taunton River in Taunton, MA

A Journey down the river and a Journey back in time


Tetiquet Press/ Timothy Brown


On the Taunton River in Taunton, MA – A journey down the river and journey back in time is a 109-page book written as a canoe journal for a day trip down the Taunton River. The book covers a distance of about 8 miles, from where the river crosses under the Route 44 Bridge on the Taunton-Raynham line to the Weir section of town. Along the way, items of interest on the banks of the river are identified and discussed. Some of these items are still visible: old vacant buildings, rock walls, and old stone footings: other items are no longer around and are only faint memories or listings in the old texts. All these items are captured in this one book; stories of old grist mills, iron forges, cotton mills, bridges, schooners, barges and herring runs.





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“Timothy Brown really knows his stretch of the river! Tim provides an in-depth look at the history and natural history of the greater Taunton area along the Taunton River. He makes the yesterday come alive through extensive research while his trips down the river are informative and entertaining.”  - Michael Tougias, author of A Taunton River Journey and There’s a Porcupine In My Outhouse!


“I enjoyed reading the manuscript. It is well researched and shows an appreciation of the Taunton River’s vital role in the life of the area, both in centuries past as well as in our own time. I also find it a nice complement to Mike Tougias’ A Taunton River Journey. I hope that both books will serve to awaken further interest in the river and the fascinating stories that surrounds it.” - Dr William Hanna, co-author of Just Yesterday–A Pictorial History of Taunton and Wish You Were Here, Taunton, Mass.


"This book takes the reader on a splendid journey along the Historic Taunton River through four centuries and enlightens all of us as to why this important waterway played a vital role in the evolution of the region."  - Charles Crowley, co-author of Just Yesterday–A Pictorial History of Taunton and Wish You Were Here, Taunton, Mass. and the host of Old Tyme Taunton TV show.


"Having guided numerous canoe and kayak trips on the Taunton River over the years, I can truly appreciate the wonderful and detailed history this book provides the reader. For a greater insight in the wonderful history of the Taunton River, I would recommend that everyone planning a canoe or kayak trip on the Taunton River read this book prior to their trip.- Ray Briery, owner of Canoe Passage Outfitters.