Early Archaic Period
(9,000 to 8,000 B.P.)

These Early Archaic Dalton-Like spear points are from the Early Archaic period (9,000 to 8,000 B.P). found in the Titicut area of Middleborough.

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arly Archaic Period
Taunton River Bifurcates

The Taunton River Bifurcate is the most diagnostic point of the Early Archaic period. Basically it is a medium size equilateral triangular blade, with a thick body and featuring prominent long rounded shoulder barbs and often having serrations and deep basal notching. It is predominately made of local felsites and rhyolite material, with small percentages of chert, hornfels, quartzite, jasper and rarely quartz. Thought to have been used to spear large animals, such as deer, bear and moose. Some examples have sharp shoulder barbs and were probably used to harpoon aquatic mammals such as seal and blackfish (pilot whales). Large fish such as sturgeon, salmon and shad could have been speared too.

There is a large concentration of these points in the Titicut area of North Middleboro and Bridgewater, MA. The Plymouth Street Site at the confluence of the Town and Matfield Rivers in Bridgewater was also a "base camp" during the Early Archaic period, for small groups of people to pursue hunting-gathering excursions up and down the river system. The best reports of radiocarbon ages along the Taunton River is 8600 B.P.

Other blades from this period (occasional finds) include Early Archaic Dalton-Like, Parallel Lanceolate, Parallel Stem and Eden-Like.

Early Archaic Dalton Like blades have short thinning flakes struck from the concave base, with some examples having grinding. Many have edge serrations. Basically it is a narrow medium size isosoles triangle with a fishtail base. Felsite, quartz, argillite and jasper are common materials used.

Parallel Ianceolate blades are medium to large triangular projectile points, with a slight concave base. Some have thinning flakes from the base. Felsite, quartz and hornfels are common materials used.

Parallel Stem blades are small to medium narrow points with weak shoulders. Base is slightly concave with some examples having basal thinning. Felsite and Argillite are common materials used.

Eden-Like points are long, narrow projectiles with some having basal thinning. Felsite is the most common materials.


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Thank you to one of our local historians,
Bill Taylor of Middleborough for photo and story.